Augustin de Trevalion
Fullname: Augustin Ghislain Trevalion
Played by: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthdate: August 10
Class: Noble
House: Trevalion
Occupation: Vicomte de Rouen, famous swordsman and knight
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Martin de Trevalion and Elisabet Mereliot de Trevalion, Marquis and Marquise d'Evreux
Siblings: Margret de Trevalion, and others.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


Sir Augustin Trevalion is renowned as one of, if not the, best swordsman in the Kingdom. He spent an entire career in the Navy as naval infantry (Marines), and still holds the rank of Colonel. A popular song holds that he has fought 9 perfect duels, one for Elua and each of the Companions. Of late his Uncle, the Sovereign Duc of Azzalle, appointed him Vicomte de Rouen to oversee family interests in Marsilikos; and his cousin, the Sovereign Duchesse of Eisande, asked him to help train her Guard in swordsmanship.



armandine Armandine Mereliot, Duchess of Eisande : My Uncle's daughter and my cousin, and one of the reasons I'm here. Bless you.
desarae Lady Desarae Mereliot : My cousin. She has been given a greater share of misery than I would have wished on anyone I cared about. I hope I have provided her some comfort, and can keep her from further in the future.
ailene Ailene Trevalion : My younger sister. The hellion. I admire her spirit and her willpower; it's just frustrating to have it directed full bore at me. There are things in the world that would steal that passion, and I hope she never encounters them.
arianne Arianne Trevalion : My other younger sister, the more reserved one. Ailene pulls her in to trouble; I hope her wisdom is always sufficient to pull them out.
vespasien Vespasien Trevalion : My scholarly, curious brother. You I love; it is the insects I object to.
arsene Vicomte Arsene Trevalion : My shadow, apparently. What things you could do with your skills, if not for your cruelty.
isabelle Lady Isabelle de Valais : Interesting. A traveler, related to the Royal Family of Aragonia. We fought a wolf together, and had an intriguing conversation after. Gone from the city now, unfortunately.


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