Athénaïs de Belfours
Fullname: Athénaïs de Belfours
Played by: Cate Blanchett
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Birthdate: May 17th
Class: Noble
House: Valais
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande (by adoption)
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: A vicomte and vicomtesse of House Belfours, deceased some years ago
Siblings: Many and various
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Throughout the 1280s the name Athénaïs de Belfours was synonymous with the art of the duel.

She belonged to the City of Elua's brightest, wildest, most free-living and free-spending set of young aristocrats, in the main considerably higher-born than she herself: minor royalty and scions of ducal houses, they were all educated together at a certain elite fencing academy where they formed intimate and indissoluble bonds. In such circles dueling to first blood was a commonplace employed to settle any trifling matter, and Night's Doorstep was as frequent a haunt as the Hall of Games.

The gifts of her angelic forebear Azza, her temperament and her quickness and her pride, ensured that she distinguished herself even in such company, and by the age of twenty she developed a broader reputation as a duelist with a string of correct and honourable victories to her name. Her exploits in the courts of Mars and Venus alike were the talk of the capital. She was named the co-author of a scandalous memoir simply in order to fight the duels arising from its true author's coruscating frankness. She was known to have seduced more than one lady whose widowhood was owed to her blade. They say she once beat a cripple into the dust, though that surely can't be true. She never turned down a challenge — she never yielded — the question of whether she'd live or die from week to week kept the bookmakers of House Bryony so busy that she was an honoured guest at their every fête.

Over time, however, her reputation was soured by suggestions that sometimes she fought for money — by a body count that grew beyond what courtly society considered an acceptable thinning of its ranks — and by the rumour that in her last duel, fought in the spring of 1289, she was paid to lose.

Though the descent may be a slow one, such stars always fall.

Some would have it that she retired in disgrace, and others that she was killed in that final duel; in fact, Athénaïs moved south to Eisande to join her consort, Sidonie Bretel de Valais, wife of a younger brother of the comte de Digne.

Sidonie passed away in 1298 but Athénaïs remains, continuing their shared work in the vineyards of House Valais. The white wines produced therein have enjoyed a remarkable renaissance in the past two decades, as connoisseurs well know.




philomene Vicomtesse de Gueret : Total fucking idiot who picks fights she can't possibly win and forces other people into the humiliating position of beating up a cripple. (Plus ça change.)
augustin Vicomte de Rouen : It'll be his turn, next, to be superseded.
zoe Vicomtesse de Tulle : Delicate flower. She'll learn — or she won't.


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