Arabelle Marie d'Eresse
Fullname: Arabelle Marie d'Eresse
Played by: Elizabeth Harnois
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: July 15, 1291
Class: Noble
House: Eresse
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Nimes/Vintner
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Henri d'Eresse & Adelaide
Siblings: 2 unnamed half-brothers. Born in 1302 & 1304
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Arabelle recently became the Viscomtess of Nimes after her father died back in June. She also inherited the family's very successful Rhone Valley Vineyards. She has come to Marsilikos to establish connections and to further the Vineyard's business.


She would be a girl raised without a mother, yet she was given everything she ever needed by a doting father who had the wealth to do so. She was not spoiled, she was just a child who never knew want. Her father saw to it that she had the best education he could provide for her and that she knew the family trade.

From a young age, Arabelle could be seen dashing barefoot through the vineyard, tasting the grapes and harassing the workers, her long blond hair trailing behind her. She would often be heard singing as well, entertainment for those who worked the vineyard as her voice would carry on the summer breeze. This earned her the nickname of Lark.

She would be a girl raised under the education of her father, a father who wanted to ensure that when he was no longer around that his daughter knew all about the family business: Rhone Valley Vineyards. She was constantly at his side learning all there was to learn. Free time was also spent in the vineyards themselves with the growers and harvesters, knowing exactly what to plant, how to care for it and the best time to harvest.

When Arabelle was 9, tragedy struck once more. One raining fall morning, Arabelle was out for a ride on one of her father's horses through the vineyard. She was a decent rider at the time, but nothing could prepare her for the horse spooking and throwing her. It was the rider less horse that returned to the Villa that sent her father and his staff out looking for her in the morning rain. When they found her she was unconscious. She would awaken and in time heal the cuts and bruises from the accident, except for her right leg. It was broken in the fall and never healed properly despite the best efforts for it to do so. From that moment on, Arabelle would require a cane to walk. Gone were the days of running through the vineyards. She would also develop a minor stutter from the head trauma. However, there is no stutter when she sings. This was a dark time for the young girl.

It was shortly after this that her father remarried a much younger woman whom she simply abhorred. She knew the woman was there for the wealth and status her father held; she despised Giselle and Giselle really despised her as well. She was competition for her father's attention. In time, her father and Giselle would have 2 more children, a son in 1302 and another son in 1304.It was during these years also that her father made sure she was also schooled in the ways of business and trade.

It was three years ago when Angelique d'Eresse's parents both died, she was in line to be the Viscomtesse of Nimes. However, she was to young to do so and her uncle, Henri d'Eresse was named interim Viscomte until she came of age. Henri d'Eresse would hold the position for two years until the young girl was ready. However, after a few months of assuming the role of Viscomtesse, Angelique stepped down for reason only know to her and Felicien. This left Arabelle's father as the permanent acting Viscomte de Nimes.

It was only after Henri was named the Viscomte that he suddenly fell ill and passed in June of 1310. Arabelle was now Viscomtesse, but that only meant that Giselle's oldest son with Henri was one step away from the position. It did not take long, in September of 1310, for an attempt on Arabelle's life was made. Had it not been for her father's trusted and loyal workers, she would have been killed by the small group of would be assassins. Through interrogation, it was found that they were hired by none other than Giselle herself. She was arrested in October and found guilty in November. Her children were sent to live with their Aunt.

Today Arabelle finds herself doing her best with assistance from her staff to run the Viscomte and oversee the success of her family's thriving vineyard. One thing is for sure, the young woman is determined to make sure she does not fail her father or the people of the Comte. It remains to be seen if the "Little Lark" will succeed, but she knows not doing so is simply not an option.





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