Aoife nic Eoghan
Fullname: Aiofe nic Eoghan
Played by: Sophie Turner
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: July 14th
Class: Foreigner
House: None
Occupation: Noble
Province: N/A
Country: Eire
Parents: Eoghan
Siblings: Rory mac Eoghan
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Aoife and her brother Rory have come from Eire on diplomatic premises, sent by their clan, but they also intend to find adventure in Terre D'Ange. Rory is better at the diplomatic part of things than she is, and she knows it.


Aoife and her twin brother Ruaidri were born to Eoaghan of the ruling clan of Eire, the Fhaliar Ban. The twins were raised with certain expectations put upon them as part of the local nobility of their homeland. They have been taught about D'Angeline and the nobles of that land, taught the language, and taught about the expectations that they might potentially have to fulfill.

Much like her brother, Aoife enjoyed hunting. However, unlike her brother she didn't use the hounds to hunt. Instead she took to the skies, and learned to hunt with the hawks and falcons their father had. It became typical for her to take the birds out to hunt, sometimes for her and the family, but sometimes she'd take them out just to let the birds do what they do. Soon enough she began to take more responsibility for the birds, instead of just using them for the hunt.

The thrill of the hunt, and the resulting destruction, was always something that she found to be exciting. As she got older she began to have dreams, and her father introduced her to one of the ollamhs that began to teach her about the gods and goddesses. It was one in particular that called to her, Macha. This, as much as her families wishes, influenced everything about her upbringing. She learned things about the religion, she worshipped it, and she dedicated herself to it and war.

It was her fascination with war and destruction that turned out to be a bonus to the twins heading to Marsilikos in search of alliances for their clan. It just prepared her more.

All the finery of the city and its peoples is something that is practically uncomfortable to her. She has been known to wear dresses, but they are nothing like what adorns the women of Marsilikos. She is very well aware of the dangerous line that her and her brother walk, and what could happen if they insult the wrong person with their wild behavior and strange ideas.




rory Ruaidri mac Eoghan : Twin brother, potentially the only person this side of the water that can talk sense into her.


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