Anse de Basilisque
Fullname: Anse de Basilisque
Played by: Aaron Paul
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: September 1
Class: Clergy
House: Basilisque
Occupation: Priest of Elua
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Seraphin Basilisque (d), Adélie Montchapetre de Basilisque (d)
Siblings: One older sister, Sebastien de Basilisque, Stephane de Basilisque, Oliver de Basilisque
Marital Status: Single

Known Information

Priest of Elua, wandered his way from Camlach to Marsilikos.


Born into the Basilisque family on the border of Skaldia, Anse was raised to be a soldier but in the end decided that war and death benefited no one and instead dedicated himself to Elua and Love as Thou Wilt.




(1311-02-16) Ducal Court
Summary: Matches are announced, and uncomfortable questions are asked. RL Date: Sat Feb 16,...

(1310-11-29) Consortship Ceremony
Summary: Gemma and Thadd's consort ceremony and reception. RL Date: 29/11/2018 Related: Thaddeus...

(1310-11-08) Of Brothers
Summary: Anse comes to visit his brother and they discuss treatment paths and a stern brother....

(1310-11-07) We Need to Talk About Owlie
Summary: Etienne, genuinely Shocked and Concerned about Oliver's drunken revelations, goes to see...

(1310-11-05) The First Sip
Summary: Oliver has never been drunk before. Etienne promises his brother Anse to look after him if...

(1310-10-27) Basilisque-Somerville Wedding Feast
Summary: The wedding feast of Sebastien de Basilisque and his wife, Evelyne Somerville de...

(1310-10-14) Pacifist Bread Pudding
Summary: Bethane serves up some bread pudding for Anse, and then chats about to hit or not to hit...

(1310-10-13) Vegetarian Leanings
Summary: Bethane offers Anse free lamb stew because he's a priest, and find out the man's a...

(1310-09-03) Marsilikos Tournament: Archery Competition
Summary: The archery contest of the tournament. RL Date: Mon Sep 03, 1310 Related: Marsilikos...

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