Andrei Anghelescu
Fullname: Andrei Mihail Grigore Anghelescu
Played by: Gabriel Aubry
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: February 23
Class: Noble
House: Anghelescu
Occupation: Count
Province: Podgrabczyna
Country: The Chuwat
Parents: Adhemar and Adele Anghelescu, both deceased.
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Andrei Anghelescu, Count Podgrabczyna, is a familiar face in Chowatti high society, known as an academic and a passionate violinist. Childless and unmarried, he has spent some time dodging offers from mothers seeking to tie their unwed daughters to a prestigious title. From a typical d'Angeline point of view, he's just some foreign lord of no particular relevance.


The Anghelescus are old money and probably grow their money on the trees of their Chowatti estates (no one remembers which Chowatti kingdom Podgrabczyna is technically part of, and the Counts Podgrabczyna have dedicated considerable effort to keep things that way). Travelling to Marsilikos in the hope of gaining favourable trade — and let's be honest, to get out of Podgrabczyna — Lord Anghelescu wields little political influence; he's just another titled foreigner from somewhere up north. It certainly doesn't hurt that the city of Marsilikos is rumoured to be a hub of people who turned healing into a religion (or the other way around, who knows about the d'Angeline, really).

An attempt to get close enough to a political rival required Anghelescu to impersonate an officer's batman, and participate in a military campaign against Skaldian forces; he succeeded in the endeavour but contracted pneumonia, a condition which left his lungs damaged.

Podgrabczyna lies deep in the foresty mountains of the Chowat, thriving financially on the export of lumber and artisan crafts. It is an isolated pocket of woodland consisting of three small towns (Podgrabczyna, Bad Hainbuche, and Gabra) and a number of forest villages, and the Count's ancestral seat of Briarwyld. The rare traveller notes that the region has a lively tradition for telling ghost stories which the locals will swear are all quite true.


A tallish man of slender build, Lord Anghelescu is in his early thirties. He tends to favour clothing in shades of black and blue, often dressing elegantly but quite below his actual station. Sandy-blond hair gathered at the base of his skull frames a pale face in which the dominant feature are pale blue eyes (one often obscured by a monocle), thin lips, and an aristocratic nose. Often walking with a silver-tipped walking stick, Lord Anghelescu is regularly taken for a member of the upper middle class, something which he doesn't particularly object to.


antoine Antoine Alexandre Valais : Strolls on docks. Friendly to foreigners.
azalais Azalaïs Mereliot nó Alyssum de l'Envers : Careful. This one's smart enough to read a map. Next up, political competence and then it's opposition.
antoinette Antoinette Danielle Verreuil : She reads books. And drinks kahve.
cyrille Cyrille de Rocaille : Nobleman with an over-eager personal guard.
desarae Desarae Mereliot : The lady with the interesting guardian. Higher bred than a hilltop bakery.
justine Justine Alexandra Chalasse de la Courcel : Apparently the lady whom the young men at court want to take for a ride.
olivia The kitten lady : Has personal guards. Cannot convince them to fish a kitten out of a frozen pond.
philomene Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse : The lady with the split lip; while brash-natured and blunt, a woman who calls things as they are, and as such, a valuable source of information on all things d'Angeline and Marsilikan. Even if she sent me to a brothel on our very first meeting.
symon Symon de Perigeux : Looking into a mirror; it's hard to not feel sympathy for someone who's stuck in a situation not unlike your own personal hell.
zalika Zalika Ndoye de Trevalion : The smart one. Smart enough get the hell out before the peacocks get drunk.


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