André van Westerlo
Fullname: André Cornelis Montfort van Westerlo
Played by: Ross Lynch
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: 6 May
Class: Noble
House: Brabant
Occupation: Prince
Province: Brabant
Country: Flatlands
Parents: Duke Henri & Duchess Matilda Montford van Westerlo
Siblings: Florinda, Johan-Philip, Charlotte, Anna-Maria
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Washed up.






desarae Lady Desarae Mereliot : The young niece of the Duchesse d'Eisande has been most welcoming and introduced me to the Duchesse as well as to local customs and specialities. Her sharp brain and even sharper tongue are quite enchanting. I don't mind spending more time with her.


(1311-08-01) Disappointment
Summary: Desarae calls on Andre to find out first-hand what happened between Philomene and Kalisha. ...

(1311-07-31) Where is the Citadel?
Summary: Lady Inesse de Baphinol meets Prince André Cornelis Montfort van Westerlo in the Port. He...

(1311-07-31) Between the Hosts and the Guests
Summary: Two foreigners meet two local ladies and things escalate pretty fast into a bloody fight. ...

(1311-07-28) Conversations in the Rain
Summary: Recent arrivals to Marsilikos encounter recent returners. Conversation is shared and turns...

(1311-07-04) An Introduction to Fried Potato Sticks
Summary: The much awaited (or dreaded) picnic. RL Date: June 29, 2019 Related: Name Dropping,...

(1311-06-29) The Gifts of Other Lands
Summary: André’s wanderings through the streets of Marsilikos bring him to La Perle Noire, to sample...

(1311-06-26) How to Perform a d'Angeline Handshake
Summary: A second encounter between André and Desarae ends in an invitation to sample Flatlander...

(1311-06-25) Take Me Home
Summary: Two foreigners with a bit similar experience in life discuss their current situation in...

(1311-06-21) The Virtues of a Linen Bag
Summary: A day's planned riding is delayed by an encounter in the courtyard when André spots...

(1311-06-19) Welcoming an Unexpected Guest
Summary: Armandine welcomes a foreign surprise guest to the palace. RL Date: Wed Jun 19, 2019 ...

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