André van Westerlo
Fullname: André Cornelis Montfort van Westerlo
Played by: Ross Lynch
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: 6 May
Class: Noble
House: Brabant
Occupation: Prince
Province: Brabant
Country: Flatlands
Parents: Duke Henri & Duchess Matilda Montford van Westerlo
Siblings: Florinda, Johan-Philip, Charlotte, Anna-Maria
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Washed up.






desarae Lady Desarae Mereliot : The young niece of the Duchesse d'Eisande has been most welcoming and introduced me to the Duchesse as well as to local customs and specialities. Her sharp brain and even sharper tongue are quite enchanting. I don't mind spending more time with her.


(1311-08-23) An Appeal for Clemency
Summary: André seeks out Duchesse Armandine de Mereliot, to put forth his view on the Kalisha...

(1311-08-21) He's Trying to Save Her Life
Summary: Prince Andre (or shall we call him a Mr. Detective now) pays another visit to the foreign...

(1311-08-18) Dungeon Visit
Summary: Elin meets Kalisha. RL Date: Sun Aug 18, 1311 Related: Incident at the Palace Plot ...

(1311-08-13) Asking a Favour
Summary: The newly arrived Gotlandish emissary receives her first visitors at the guest tower. RL...

(1311-08-12) You Could be Best Friends
Summary: Prince Andre pays a visit to the Prisoner. He brings in some refreshments and a serious...

(1311-08-12) A Touchy Subject
Summary: Whilst waiting for a foal to be born, Desarae questions André about something that's been...

(1311-08-07) Anarchy! Treason! Subversion!
Summary: André visits the impatient patient RL Date: 7-08-2019 Related: Everything to do with...

(1311-08-06) Eisandine Etiquette
Summary: On an evening out with her friends, Desarae feels compelled to educate André on Eisandine...

(1311-08-01) The Flatlander's Tale
Summary: Jacquet visits André, to hear his side of the story. RL Date: Fri Aug 02, 2019 Related:...

(1311-08-01) Permission to Visit is Granted
Summary: A breakfast has been brought to a foreign prisoner and she was visited by a friend while a...

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