Anais Joie Cherevin
Fullname: Anais Joie Cherevin
Played by: Katie McGrath
Gender: female
Age: 20
Birthdate: Dec 9
Class: Noble
House: Cherevin
Occupation: Lady
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Clemence Cherevin, Baronesse d'Andouillé, and Solal Trevalion Cherevin.
Siblings: Some
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A

Known Information


Anais was born born down the line of succession to the Barony d'Andouillé to Clemence Cherevin and Solal Trevalion Cherevin. Life given to Kusheth with an Azzallese father created within Anais a rebellious streak powered by sheer pride and self confidence. Never wanting for drive or purpose, she carved a place out for herself despite her mother's stern words for her choices. She was a young woman of wild spirit and the family's pride, their horses became a focus for her sharp desire to create. The structure of breeding was closely studied through her years and she desired to spend more time with the prized breeding stock rather than attend to other much needed lessons.

She came to be known not only for her authority on horses but for her sharp wit and strong opinion whether it be wrong or right. She was sent from house to house in her later years to ward, her last with Shahrizai. It was with this very family she attended her first Night on the Mont and discovered the many faces of Naamah, both by sight and otherwise. The week to follow formed her opinions of other matters and returning to the rocky terrain of Kusheth. But return she did and took up a position amongst her family, making sure that the well bred horses of her house continued to be without comparison.

Anais brought about a mare from a pairing in the breeding stock that was worthy of her. The mare, quick to respond and sure of foot is pride and joy. The sweet thing along with a select amount of foals have been gathered, brought to Marsilikos to be traded and sold to the highest bidder. The Baroness Clemence Cherevin may also have sent along her daughter for the exact same reason - to find her a landed noble.



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