Ammy Kovak
Fullname: Ambrose Kovak
Played by: Booboo Stewart
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: January 28
Class: Commoner
House: Tsingani
Occupation: Chandler
Province: None
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Gillie and Lavinia Kovak
Siblings: Half-siblings are pretty likely
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Dirty Tsingano candlemaker of some reknown


Ammy's father, Gillie Kovac, was a man led by passion and always falling in love with the next new thing. He wasn't intentionally disrespectful. When he loved, it was with all his heart and incredibly true, but his emotions were cursed by an incredibly short attention span. Ammy's mother, Lavinia, was appreciative and even envious of her husband's drive for passion and ability to always feel at the strongest levels. She was also unable to have children, something Gillie wanted very much, so she allowed him his folly as long as he would return to her. He always did.

Gillie was especially fond of gadje women, and one of his loves was with a Lady who shared Gillie's desire for a child, and in their whirlwind of romance, she became pregnant. It was Gillie's greatest accomplishment, and they were quite happy. The next time Gillie returned to Lavinia, they celebrated Gillie's child with love. Not long after, the unimaginable happened - Lavinia was also with child. Gillie was, of course, beside himself. He was having not one but two children to carry his name, and he began to dream of bringing both his families together once both of the children were born. It wasn't to be.

A few days after Ammy was born, a group of racist nobles terrorized the Tsingani camp, demanding they leave the region. It turned violent, and in the bloodshed, Lavinia was killed. Forced on the move once again and carrying Ammy, a newborn child, Gillie left his half-breed daughter behind with her own mother. The company of Tsingani continued their transient ways as Ammy grew. By the time Ammy was four, Gillie's attention had once again begun to draw him off, and Ammy found himself raised by the Tsingani travellors more than by his father, who would come and go with irregularity.

Ammy learned the ways of the Tsingani in the truest sense, traveling with a caravan and selling goods to the villages they passed through. He learned to play the violin, mostly because he couldn't sing worth a lick, and he spent most of his hours perfecting the art of candlemaking. As a teenager, he learned to double his profit by selling candles to nobles and then picking their pockets as they left. Now that he's a young man, he has taken his wares to larger villages and towns, and has earned some renown for the quality and beauty of his candles, even if he is just a dirty Tsingano. He also learned he has the gift of Dromonde, a quality his mother possessed and often used to earn a profit. Unlike her, he's had to keep this ability secret, as men are not accepted as seers. This has complicated things for him lately, as Ammy has begun to experience dromonde dreams about himself. Specifically, he's being drawn to Marsilikos, and perhaps the half-sister that lurks in the distance.





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