Alexandre de Morhban
Fullname: Alexandre de Mohrban
Played by: Greg Plitt
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: January 4
Class: Noble
House: Mohrban
Occupation: Heir To Concarneau, Vicomte De Landaul
Province: Kushien
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Lucius Alexandre de Morhban, Violaine Shahrizai de Morhban
Siblings: Several as of yet Undefined
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

There's a lot of crazy information about Alexandre de Morhban, that he is an adventurer, that he is a murderer, that he is a hero, that he was a former Mandrake, that he is a knight, that he makes his own wine, that he is into the occult and black magic, but in truth, it's all rumors and hearsay. Could some of these be true? Certainly. Could all of it be true? Possibly. Everyone will have to make up their own decision.


Born the first of many, Alexandre was named after his father as the heir should be. Unlike many heirs though due to his mother he was tied to more than one plot of land which meant he had to receive more training than most noble children. It also meant he was under a lot more pressure to succeed. If he was the Scion of any other, he might not have had the determination and intensity necessary to succeed, but succeed he did. The only problem was that he didn't care for horses, and those were one of the chief exports of House Morhban. Fortunately there was another export, Wine, which he grew to love.

Physically Alexandre was impressive even from a young age, larger, stronger, and with a natural presence that made him even bigger. He always lived larger than life, going on adventures that would get him in a lot of trouble with his tutors and the others who were assigned to raise him. There was nothing he liked more than going out and getting into trouble rather than spending time at his books. It wasn't that he was dumb, he simply was stubborn, once he decided he didn't like something nothing could change his mind. Fortunately Lucius was of stern stuff and was able to reign in Alexandre with the help of a Mandrake tutor.

There were a lot of harsh lessons but he learned. There were a few subjects he quite enjoyed however, learning the blade, how to fight, these were important things for a man of his class and upbringing as duels could very well determine his fate. The best tutors and trainers were gone through in quite record time and he became an established duelist, one of the best, partly because of his own lessons. He knew how to /hurt/ someone, if he wanted to, without killing them. It was a skill that would save his life several times as he grew up.

Once he became a man however his focus shifted as things happen, intensity and physicality was not enough and he learned other ways to draw attention, fashion, literature, the occult. He dabbled in many things on his quest to make himself appealing and for the most part, it worked. His one true love however, was always the duel, the adrenaline that came with it, and the knowledge that he was one of the best there has ever been when it came to the blade. That in and of itself was something of a double edged blade as it also meant that others would seek him out to try and test themselves, to make a name for themselves.

After a time he ended up leaving Mohrban to expand his horizons and take another great adventure. He toured Terre d'Ange, traveling from city to city and stopping at some for a few months. Some for a few years. Except now he is getting old enough to where he must start to think about heirs before he gets too old to raise them. So when he received a messenger from his father, and then another from his mother, he knew his time was up and he would have to find something that would benefit the family. Stubbornly though he refused to return to Morhban and has decided to extend the reach of his family by finding a good match in Marsilikos… and maybe have a few more last adventures.




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