Alderic d'Aiglemort
Fullname: Alderic d'Aiglemort
Played by: Gregory Fitoussi
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Birthdate: February 28th
Class: Clergy
House: d'Aiglemort
Occupation: Priest of Camael
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: ?
Siblings: ?
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Alderic d'Aiglemort is a retired soldier from the Skaldic border in Camlach. When his arm was useful and he wasn't a liability on the battlefield, the scion of the Aiglemort spent his time repeling Skaldia's constant back and forths over the border. Alderic has spent very little time in Lyon, let alone at his family's estate. The longest amount of time he spent there was after the incident that rendered his arm useless and this was short lived as he joined the order of Camael shortly after. There will be even less time to visit the estate now that he's moving out to Marsilikos, which suits him just fine.


Alderic was born in the rocky, narrow stretch of land known as Camlach. As a son of little importance and with little chance of ever inheriting the throne, he was mostly ignored. Being ignored tends to make it clear that you aren't wanted, but he got over it. The same teachers were still available to him as his other siblings, so he took advantage of them. He could either become obsessed with his lack of standing in his family or he could just be better.

As a young teenager, he made a request to study under the priests and acolytes of Camael, known for their aptitude with training soldiers. It wasn't hard to get approved really, seeing as it would both remove him from the immediate home and also bring prestige on the family. A win-win for everyone involved, including Alderic who wanted nothing more than to join the army at the skaldic border later. The training was hard, but he considered it to be worth every drop of blood it cost.

Released from the tutelage of the Priests of Camael, he asked to join the military and be placed along their border with skaldia where he would fight in several defensive battles against the inaders over the years. This was a life he was thankful for, no matter how horrible the things he saw were. Far away from the trappings of noble life and in a place where people relied on him. Until the injury at least.

During one of the defensive battles on the border, an invader from skaldia would swing his axe down and into Alderic's shoulder. Only by Camael's grace did the shoulder remain intact, but it's useless now. Most days it has to remain in a sling or cause unbearable pain. Other days he can forego the sling but any attempted use of the arm will cause immediate pain. There wasn't much left for a useless soldier like himself but to return home.

At home, he found himself more openly ignored. Not only was he low on the list of potential heirs, but now he had gone and injured himself and what good is an injured heir? One that can't even fight from Camlach. Once more, Alderic took up with the books and teachers at the estate doing the one thing he could do while there: Learn.

A couple years later, the brotherhood of Camael would come to visit and ask for his life in service to their priesthood. Alderic would accept, not that he had much choice, as this was seen as the last way for him to bring the family honor. He trained as an acolyte in Camlach until he was given his first assignment in Marsilikos. A consecrated priest of the order of Camael now, leaving Camlach wasn't necessarily on the top of his wishlist, but it beats being stared at for being useless.





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