Aimeric nó Rose Sauvage
Fullname: Aimeric nó Rose Sauvage
Played by: Francisco Lachowski
Gender: male
Age: 18
Birthdate: Feb 18
Class: Courtesan
House: Rose Sauvage
Occupation: Adept
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Adrien nó Dahlia, Sidonie nó Alyssum
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Unattached
Children: None

Known Information

Recently debuted at the House of Alyssum in the City of Elua, Aimeric has arrived in Marsilikos as latest addition to the White Roses in the Salon de la Rose Sauvage.



Like so many others before him, Aimeric's life started on Mont Nuit when he was born as a child of two courtesans, his mother an Alyssum and his father being of House Dahlia. As such, the young boy's character seemed to stray between the two extremes of those canons, making it a little hard to place him properly at first. There was a haughtiness about Aimeric, and yet, also that tendency towards being an act, to explore how far fulfilling expectations might get him. It was his affinity to pretense and lies that finally had him settled at House Alyssum. And Aimeric seemed an eager pupil in picking up the teachings of his canon. Subtleties, like nuances in his posture, the downwards tip of his chin, and the faint flutter of eyelids, the refusal to meet a patron's gaze, used as a means to intensify their yearning; all these were tools that Aimeric soon learned to use in his favor.

His debut was delayed, however, when the Dowayne of House Alyssum found his mannerisms to be too obvious. That, and another development. From age fourteen to fifteen, Aimeric experienced a phase of rebellious rejection of Naamah's teachings. It made his eyes narrow in contempt upon those nobles that were already beginning to vy for his attention, and created a crack in his smooth facade if shy perfection. How easy they were fooled. It was a realization that left a void within him. And thus the novice was not in a state to have his debut upon his sixteenth birthday.

It took extended visits to the Temple of Naamah, Eisheth and Elua to bring the troubled and torn personality back in line. For the time of six months, Aimeric was not allowed to appear in the salon, and was instead to perform chores at the back of the House. It was both punishment and a chance for him to reconsider the path that had been chosen for him. It also led to a number of concerned inquiries from the nobles that were interested in winning his debut. The Dowayne finally acquiesced those interested parties by announcing the debut would be held on Aimeric's seventeenth birthday. And so it happened. By the end of February 1310, Aimeric nó Alyssum had his debut night, and for House Alyssum it was quite the success. It didn't end there. After the debut, there were many requests for assignations, and the Dowayne was quite pleased with how popular Aimeric seemed to be. As it is, Alyssums often only inspire one time patronage. It is in the nature of their canon, when the loss of innocence is relived with every single assignation. Its thrill wears off after that magical first time. And so, Aimeric soon had earned what he could in patron gifts from the number that had been interested in him.

At the time Jacques Verreuil nó Rose Sauvage visited the Capital, Aimeric hadn't been asked for in over two weeks. The refusal of Aimeric to use his patron gifts for a visit to the Marquist yet had earned him a slightly shrewd reputation. It kept him available however, for Jacques' plans, when Aimeric's back was still as unblemished as on the night of his debut. And so it happened, that the young adept became Aimeric nó Rose Sauvage, five months after his debut, his marque bought out at a bargain price. It has been agreed upon with the leader of the salon, to keep patrons under the impression he has recently debuted. And so he is now to be introduced at Rose Sauvage, in a small fête, to a select few that have been invited to make his acquaintance.




jehan-pascal Heir to the Comté d'Avignon : The lord seems to be fond of White Roses - and fashion.
isabelle Isabelle de Valais : Fashion seems to be her business. I wonder about that sharp smile she gave me though.
antoine Antoine de Valais : Soon to marry a White Rose? Interesting.
ortolette Ortolette de Mereliot : "Perhaps not as frail as your facade suggests."


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