Ailene Trevalion
Fullname: Ailene Lili-Ange Trevalion
Played by: Rachel Hurd Wood (Red Hair)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: May 28
Class: Noble
House: Trevalion
Occupation: Lady
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Martin Trevalion and Elisabet Mereliot de Trevalion, Marquis and Marquise d'Evreux
Siblings: Arianne Trevalion, Augustin Trevalion, Vespasien Trevalion, Margret Trevalion, others
Marital Status: Betrothed To Thibault Charlot
Children: None

Known Information

Younger sister of Augustin and Vespasien. Twin to Arianne. Also known as "The Bad Twin", "The Troublemaker", "The Instagator" and "That Hellion", among other names


Ailene Lili-Ange Trevalion made her debut in this world at just after midnight on May 28th, 1292. Born the eldest, she preceded her sister Arianne’s birth by a full twelve minutes. She considers those precious twelve minutes of the utmost importance, for they designate her as the “leader” in terms of seniority. This, she takes very seriously. Though most might consider such a position one that provides protection and support to the younger sibling, Aily sees herself as the planner and decision maker, the instigator. Any and all schemes and shenanigans are usually plotted by her first, her sister being persuaded easily enough to participate by Aily’s cajoling. She is most definitely the troublemaker, the bad influence, and is fully aware of such. She revels in it and is constantly trying to use and improve her skills of persuasion and manipulation.

Being of the younger generation of children in the family, the girls were, if one were to put it gently, rather a surprise. Putting it bluntly, however, they were quite honestly an accident. The Marquis and Marquess were not planning to reproduce again, having already provided enough heirs. They certainly were not planning in having twins! It was, pardon the pun, quite a double shock when the pair appeared. This did have advantages, though. Since the girls were an unplanned event, and because the Marquis already had enough children to lay down strategic plans for, Ailene and Arianne were let off the hook, so to say. There were no specific duties or expectations laid upon them, unlike with their older siblings. They grew up free to live as they pleased. Well, within reason, of course. The problem with that was, Ailene got in the habit of living just that way. As she pleased. Which of course meant getting into all sorts of scrapes and schemes, pulling her sister right along with her. While many times it could be a source of amusement, their actions have been known to also cause exasperation and, at the worst of times, making their parents angry enough to dole out punishment. Such times were extremely rare, though, and Aily was always good at wiggling out of the worst of it and saving herself and Ari from having to endure a lot of discipline.

Since their other siblings were much older than them, the twins grew up especially close to each other. Though their personalities are quite different, they love each other very much. Even though Aily is constantly pulling her sister into schemes, she is actually very protective of her. She does not ever run off and make Arianne face the music alone, and will more frequently take all the blame for a stunt before she will willingly make her sister endure any.







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