Adeline Mereliot
Fullname: Adeline Victoire Mereliot
Played by: Ashley Johnson
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthdate: August 26, 1283
Class: Noble
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Cerdagne
Province: Eisande
Country: Terra d'Ange
Parents: Vincent (d) et Justine Marie Mereliot (d)
Siblings: Jacques (d); Albert (d); Marcel (d); Guillaume (d); Avril (d); Alfric (d); Alexandrine; Adrienne
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Every legendary army has been supported by healers and other auxiliary companions. The Army of Terre D'Ange is no different, and of the healers that serve, the Cerdagne line of House Mereliot are among the most notorious, serving in the frontlines among the Camaelines.

There has been a long-standing history between the Cerdagne line of House Mereliot and House d'Aiglemort. Long ago, the two families were united by marriage, one that served the needs of Terre d'Ange well. By tradition, the Cerdagne sent their strongest, brightest healers to serve with along the eastern edge of the Empire against the Skaldi. Although sons are normally sent, it is not unusual for daughters to go as well, even though Mereliot custom has them in line for succession.

Such was the case for Adeline, eldest daughter of Justine, granddaughter of Victoire, and the now-Vicomtesse de Cerdagne.


She was born a Scion of Eisheth. Whereas her peers dallied with arts and pageantry, her mother insisted that she have a scalpel and a sword. At the time, the borders of Terre d'Ange was besieged by the Skaldi; it was the duty and honor of the Cerdagne to send as many gifted healers to serve as possible. And for Adeline, the simple, straight-forward life of service and surgery appealed to her.

She grew up on the field, from the age of fourteen. First in the chirurgeons' tents, she proved as gifted as any of Eisheth's scions; however, it was not long before she was given heavier equipment and sent farther forward into the mountains. There, she served alongside some of her Camaeline brethren (of House d'Aiglemort), and continued to do so after her term had expired. All in all, she spent a dozen years away from her native viscounty, and only returned upon news that her mother was ailing.

Having been away for so long, Adeline only learned then that she had become, by way of deaths, the eldest of her family. Whereas she left knowing she was the fifth-born of five brothers and three sisters, she returned to learn that only two younger sisters survived. With Justine ill, Adeline set it upon herself to set the Viscounty in order, her vision of that being strict and militaristic. Unpopular at first, the holdings of Cerdagne quickly fell in line, and began to recover from neglect through her appointment of others to handle day-to-day affairs.

Before her mother died, Adeline spent every waking moment trying to learn as much as she could about the courts, and the complexity of courtly life. Upon Justine's passing, Adeline made arrangements to leave affairs of the Viscounty to her mother's trusted seneschal, while she headed to Marsilikos to re-establish herself as the family's head. Her plans, as yet, are unknown and unwritten, but surely than can be nothing as terrible as a winter in the eastern mountains.




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