Fullname: Aberahama Dodo
Played by: Lucho Jacob
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthdate: 22nd of July
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Leatherworking
Province: Terre Dange
Country: Terre Dange
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Aberahama Dodo is known as Abraham. He always carries unique shoulder bags and leather accessories which speak of his diligent leather work. He can make almost anything from leather but still considers himself an amateur what makes his easily affordable.


Aberahama Dodo has never been attached to anyone. He has never seen his parents who have decided to leave the young boy in the arms of a woman called his aunt Lyuba. The young man never learned of the reasons but he has never had a chance to actually question. He was but a boy when his aunt died after she caught a disease and all doors in a small town have been closed to them because they were of Tsingano breed. The boy then has been passed by Lyuba’s husband to another woman - Kostana. She always wanted to have a child but she was not able to while Petsha decided that after the death of his wife he wants to explore the oceans and the boy of age 7 would be too young to travel with him.

The story repeated so many times that Abraham lost the count. He has been passed from one hands to the other, what allowed him to travel and see more of the world but gave him anxiety of commitment. Plus, all what he has seen when he was travelling was hatred to his kind. He tried to openly express his displeasure of the situation but that left him with just broken bones and bruises. Afterwards, he decided to focus on living in his own world and being of a slimier build he decided to trust more in his charms than in his strength, in his quickness than physical power.

Some people he traveled with taught him how to hunt and work on the leather. He enjoys this and it allows him to earn some additional fair coins. He can make bags and accessories of leather now. Some other people taught him of stealing and unlocking the closed doors what allowed Abraham to earn even more precious coins. Finally, the lifestyle of never stopping taught him of thousands of interesting stories which help him to have his charisma at large and avoid the trouble by using a silver tongue.%r%t Despite of the hardships he had, Abraham, is always optimistic but maybe because he is drowning in his own life and sometimes doesn’t even know what is the truth or what is his created story. What leaves him questioning - what is the reality?



“Please, take a seat on this simple bench
but have in mind that the moment you will settle down
your eyes will be able to focus on a remarkable picture
from just a perfect angle.

Then you will not want to raise and
I will just entertain you with joyful stories of wild adventures
while your eyes will enjoy the magnificent view of those trees,
branches, bushes and flowers.

By the way, have you noticed how those warm colors of petals
reflect the beauty of your eyes? Indeed, your eyes are
blooming and your waist is slim as a stem of that tulip over there,
and you smell like that rose, so sweet and innocent…

I am sorry, I am overstepping the boundaries.
I shall start one of the stories instead.”


fleur Fleur Courcel nó Heliotrope de Valais : A very pleasant women who has two adorable children. I gave a pendant as a gift to her daughter, that she would be kept safe.
cyriel Cyriel Domitien Charlot : A man with no sense of humor. He has not been blessed nor with personality, nor with a character. It seems he is meant to live a lonely life with no love and no happiness.
philippe Philippe Morhban d'Eresse : I've ran into him in the market. Cheerfully grumpy man who promised to visit my work-shop. He did not visit it, though. Anyway, I still can use his name to advertise my items, I believe. He had interest, after all. I will not be lying, simply adorning the truth.


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