Also called the Perfect Companion, Cassiel chose to remain by Elua's side throughout his travels despite believing himself damned for abandoning the One God. He was the only one of the Companions who didn't turn from the One God and disobey his laws, and he remained celibate with no descendants. When Elua and his Companions entered the Terre-d'Ange-that-lies-beyond, it is said that he was the only one who looked back in sorrow. He claims no province of his own, and the Yeshuites believe that he will one day return to the One God.


The Cassiline Brotherhood is an order of priests who swear allegiance to the Precepts of Cassiel. Their training is rigorous, with Cassiline Brothers being considered the finest of fighters in Terre d'Ange. Noble houses often pledge their middle sons to the Brotherhood, sending them off for fostering within the monastery at the age of ten, and like the angel upon whom their foundations are laid, those that join the Brotherhood remain celibate; taking vows of chastity and abstention, and fathering no offspring.

Cassilines wear clothing of a drab grey which is easily identifiable, and despite the scorn and amusement that their vows often provoke amongst others, they command a great deal of respect. They are the chosen protectors of the Ruler of Terre d'Ange and a Cassiline never draws his sword unless he intends to kill.

Cassilines are trained in a monastery located in Siovale, which is currently led by the Prefect Anselm Giscard. Their training begins at the age of 10. Apprentices are often of noble families, especially those of Camlach, but also orphans of commoner origin. It will take a Cassiline ten years at least, to finish his training and take his final oaths.

Fighting Style

The fighting style of Cassilines relies on agility a lot and is a defensive one, aiming to protect their ward at all costs. A Cassiline relies there on twin daggers alone, using his steel vambraces to deflect all blows to himself or his charge. Even if highly skilled with the longer blade, a Cassiline will refrain from using it unless to kill. Drawing the sword is a decision that won't be made lightheartedly.

Telling the Hours

When in the situation of an attack, a Cassiline visualizes the terrain as a sphere, with his ward in its center, and himself moving in circular motions about that center, defending it towards possible attacks from all sides. The circle he marks mentally by the hours of a sundial, which has earned this particular fighting style its name. Each movement or action has a particular descriptive name drawn from nature, such as for example, Birds on the Wing, Mountain Streams, and Trees Bending in the Wind. The only exception of this is the Terminus.

The Terminus

This is the last resort, when everything else fails, and the Cassiline realizes that he won't be able to protect his ward from being seized by the opposing forces. In this action, a Cassiline will throw his right-hand dagger to slay his ward, while slitting his own throat with the left-hand dagger. This deed has not been carried out in full in living memory.

Rules and Facts

  • There are only male Cassilines.
  • A Cassiline Brother takes a vow of celibacy upon joining the order. Breaking that oath will result in expulsion.
  • Orphans joining the Cassiline Brotherhood will be given the last name of the prefect of the time when they were admitted.
  • A Cassiline ventures out from the Monastery at the age of 20 after 10 rigorous and long years of training to be the perfect guardian, and are only permitted to visit their blood family once upon reaching the age of 25.
  • A Cassiline Brother may never draw his sword save to kill. In non-lethal contests they do not draw arms, in self defense they use twin daggers.
  • If a Cassiline fails to protect his ward, he considers himself disgraced and may be released from his bonds or he may choose to return to the order to atone for his failure.
  • During Longest Night, Cassilines spend the time between sun down to sun rise, kneeling before the statue of Elua where ever they might find one, keeping a 'vigil' despite the low temperatures. This has been a long standing ritual as far back as any can remember.

Cassilines in Chargen

Cassiline Characters need to take the Cassiline trait in the Special Merits room in chargen. Ages allowed for played Cassilines is 20 or older, as they would train at their monastery until reaching that age. High Blades and Dodge skills are mandatory, as is Perception and Composure. Three points in Politics are required, as they will most often find themselves in courtly contexts.

Keep in mind the limitations of such a character, that he will most often play shadow to the noble he is protecting, also severe consequences for the character, should he break his vows.

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