Camael is known for being martial and founded Terre d'Ange's first armies, and he is the founder of the territory Camlach along the border with Skaldia in the north east of Terre d'Ange. Martial strategy and tactics are the gift of Camael to the d'Angelines, along with the physical skills of armorsmithing and weapon crafting. Camael gave the d'Angelines the means to protect themselves and the land they hold dear, and courage is another gift of his to those who claim descendancy of his bloodline.


The main temple dedicated to the worship of Camael is located with Camlach, and serves not only as a place of worship, but also as a place which is dedicated to the training of those interested in military theory and tactics.

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Camael's priests wear dark green vestments and carry a sword. His symbol is a flaming sword. This became the symbol of the province of Camlach and was later adopted by its Allies. Many of his priests are drawn from the ranks of retired soldiers, either in their waning years or from those that are forced from the battlefield by injury.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open to Application
Second to Camael Open forApplication





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