House Baphinol
Patriarch Hercule Prospero de Baphinol
Heir Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol
Seat Avignon
Province Eisande
Motto "<motto>"
Colors Red and yellow
Exports <text>


Baphinol lands lie north of Marsilikos, along both sides of the river Rhodane. The County Seat in Avignon is a full, fast day's ride away, two if you'd like to take your time or travel by carriage.


Current Events

Baphinol Tax Holiday

In the 1311 tax season, the Comte heir Jehan-Pascal submitted a tax vacation plan which was subsequently approved by the Comte and put into effect; the tax vacation was conditional upon each Vicomte and Barony to undertake public improvements with the covered funds, subject to approval from the Comte.

The public improvements will be listed below as they are completed or put into effect:

* Vicomté de Carpentras: Widespread farming subsidies in concert with the Baronnie de Venasque.
* Baronnie de Monteaux: The Hospitality at the Villa des Bedarrides (free medical care for county citizens)
* Baronnie de Venasque: Farming subsidies allowing for a fallow season and land rejuvenation.
* Vicomté d'Orange: Road improvements; a new N/S thoroughfare with guardposts.
* Baronnie de Caderousse:
* Baronnie de Sauveterre: The Chargement sur Monsangverse on the Rhodane river north of Avignon.


The Baphinol 'Curse'

In and around Avignon rumors have become entrenched that the Lords of the Baphinol line have fallen to the 'Baphinol Curse,' the chief and only symptom of which is a predilection for wearing women's clothing, especially in the boudoir. It is a matter of much jest and parody among the commons in these lands, and has reached such a point of saturation that now it is becoming general knowledge even as far as Marsilikos, aided, no doubt, by the cross-dressing talents of the Red Rose Dior of Baphinol, as well as a certain scandalous leak of rumors from that same house as to his brother Jehan-Pascal's proclivities in frequenting their halls.

In total there are five confirmed cases of the 'curse.' There is, of course, no need to apply it to your own character if you choose to app into the House, but don't be surprised if some might make assumptions, either truly or facetiously.


  • Comté d'Avignon Hercule Prospero de Baphinol
    • Vicomté de Carpentras
      • Baronnie de Monteaux — Louna de Baphinol
      • Baronnie de Venasque
    • Vicomté d'Orange — Boniface de Baphinol
      • Baronnie de Caderousse
      • Baronnie de Sauveterre — Mathilde Baphinol

Family Tree

Note: (m.) Married, (c.) Consort, (d) Deceased, (a) Abdicated

  • Mathias Edelin de Baphinol (b. 1236, d. 1288), Comte d'Avignon
    • (m. 1260s) (a lady tbd) (d. 1280s)
      • Hercule Prospero de Baphinol, Comte d'Avignon
        • (m.) Lisette Charlot de Baphinol
          • (b. 1285) Jehan Benoît de Baphinol, heir to the Comté (d. 1290)
          • (b. 1285) Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol, heir to the Comté
            • (l.) Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai (b. 1268)
              • (b. 1311) Monique Armandine Shahrizai
              • (b. 1311) Edouard Pascal Shahrizai
          • (b. 1292) Dior Baphinol nó Rose Sauvage
      • Florentin Hugon de Baphinol (d. 1309), Vicomte d'Orange
        • (m. 1291) Delphine le Blanc de Baphinol (b. 1273), Dowager Vicomtesse d'Orange
          • (b. 1293) Boniface de Baphinol, Vicomte d'Orange
          • (b. 1294) Inesse de Baphinol
          • (b. 1297) Vivianne de Baphinol
      • (b. 1268) Isabeau de Baphinol
    • (l.) Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai (b. 1268) (in secret)
      • (b. 1288) Dorimène nó Cereus de Shahrizai (in secret)

Carpentras Branch

  • Eugène de Baphinol (d. 1310), Vicomte de Carpentras
    • (m.) <wife>
      • daughters/sons
    • (c.) Fernanda d'Avessi
      • (b. 1292) Juliette Baphinol nó Lis d'Or

Monteaux Branch

  • (b. 1283) Louna de Baphinol, Baronne de Monteaux
    • (m. 1310) Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol (b. 1283)
      • (b. 1311) Victor Alexandre de Baphinol, heir to the barony

Sauveterre Branch

  • (b. 1250) Fabrice Baphinol, Baron de Sauveterre (deposed, 1311)
    • (m. 1270) Adelaïde d'Eresse (b. 1249, d. 1308)
      • (b. 1271) Mathilde Baphinol, Baronne de Sauveterre
          • (no issue)
      • (b. 1272) Hanae Baphinol (d. 1295)
      • (b. 1276) Fabrice Baphinol
        • (his wife)
          • (issue)
      • (b. 1281) Clémence Baphinol nó Lis d'Or
          • (b. 1304) (a daughter)

Current Members

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