I gazed at the statue of Azza upon the altar as we waited. The same face echoed in a dozen masks about us gazed forth above the altar, proud and beautiful in its disdain. Azza held one hand open, palm upwards; in the other, he held a sextant, for that was his gift to mankind. Knowledge, forbidden knowledge, to navigate the world that was.
– Phèdre's narration,
Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 23"

Azza is one of Elua's Companions. He gave Terre d'Ange his knowledge of navigation and the ability to so through the reading of the stars in the skies. The Yeshuites identify his sin as pride, though pride can take many forms. There's the pride of a parent for its child, and pride in yourself as you strive to be the best that you can. Progress and innovation have their roots in those that strive for the betterment of themselves and others, and in such a way have d'Angelines risen and grown.

To the northeastern of Terre D'Ange lies the province of Azzalle, and it was here that Azza chose to mark for his own. Its people are fierce and proud, famed for their relationship with the sea, and even those who do not live upon the water often depend on the waterways for trade.


The temple of Azza in the City of Marsilikos has a copper dome that may be seen from many parts of the City. The statue of Azza holds one hand open, palm upward, and the other holds a sextant. Incense is commonly burned as a form of worship.

Desc required for temple.


Priests and priestesses of Azza wear saffron tunics and crimson cloaks fastened with bronze brooches. They also wear bronze masks so they might sublimate their individual pride before Azza's.

Position Name
High Priest/Priestess Open to Application
Second to Azza Open forApplication




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