l'Amour Méchant

“It's just that life tastes sweeter when it's wrapped in debauchery”

The Wombats



L'Amour Méchant was opened in 1307 by a young foreigner known as Delilah. While the place is not as prosperous and proper as the Night Court, it can definitely provide the common folk with some adventurous nights and memorable entertainments. In order to have a better connection and larger clientele, it is located just beside the Kraken's Den. L'Amour Méchant is known to run events of entertainment for the common folk and rumor has it that occasionally even some nobles have been seen attending the shows and diversions there.

Because of its location - right in the heart of the port of Marsilikos - l'Amour Méchant is a favorite place among sailors, both local on foreign. It is considered to be moderately dangerous as well since the crowd, to put it mildly, is not always of the highest etiquette. There were some reports of missing pouches and some brawls since the brothel also has a bar with plentiful supplies, and some like to indulge too much in wine and ale now and then.

Most importantly, this location has become known for circulating various fake and real rumors about many places even beyond the borders of Terre d'Ange. You cannot expect anything else in a place where anyone can be found, and anyone's tongue can be loosened.

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The Bartender


Performer (The Whore)


Performer (The Whore)

Tales from the l'Amour Méchant

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(1308-04-23) A Safe Harbor
Summary: A young d'Angeline halfblood arrives in Marsilikos and is taken in by Madame Delilah. A...

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