After Approval

So you got approved? Excellent. Only a few things need to be taken care of, and you are good to go.

Wiki Page

Create a wiki page for your character. This is easy. Go here, enter the bitname of your character at the top of the page and hit the 'Add New Character' button. Fill out at least your basic info. Upload one picture or more. If you like, add some hooks and background, and even contacts, which may facilitate getting RP with others.

If you need help, there are helpful staffers and players around, that will gladly assist when needed.

Tag Your Page!

Please add tags to your page, to help categorize your character. Tag with your class (noble, courtesan, foreigner, commoner, clergy) and further categories, such as family name and/or salon, country, temple, etc.

Wiki Context

Go to the respective family page(s), if you are a noble, and add yourself there to the family tree(s). If you are landed, make sure to add your name to the respective title you are holding. Night Court characters should check whether their names show in the Active Members section of the respective page of their Salon. This should happen automatically with the correct salon tag set.

Characters and Taken Actors wiki pages are filled automatically with the info you entered in your wiki page.

Character Icon

Create and upload your own character icon as pointed out here, or ask staff to do it for you. Icons for newly created character pages show up on the sidebar to the right, so staff may create an icon based on a pic from your wiki page, if not told otherwise. If you have another picture in mind, don't hesitate to have staff create a new one for you.


If your are a noble, landed or unlanded, your family would have an estate or a townhouse in the Noble District on Avenue Mereliot. It may not have been built yet on grid. If you are a fully marqued courtesan, you are entitled to a room on the upper floor of your House. If you are a commoner you may need a room, or even have a shop built for your trade.

Put in a build +request with room descs, and we'll set these grid rooms up for you.

Please note: If you want a temporary place to live in, there are longterm rentals available at the Leaping Fish Inn. All you need to do is request a room there. If no desc is provided, we can set it up for you with a generic standard room desc.

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