Game System

The skill and combat system of the game is mainly based on Faraday's FS3, Second edition. Hence, there are a few mechanics to advance characters over time.

Luck Points

Each player can award another player a +cookie for RP once a week. Each +cookie corresponds to 0.2 luck points. Luck points can be of benefit on combat situations, where spending a luck point can allow a player to hero (meaning getting back into the fight/competition after going down). More information on this can be found on the Skills and Combat page. Additionally, spending a luck point can grant special one-time bonuses for a +roll, or grant you a reroll (see +help luck in game). The top ten cookie earners of the week will be posted to the Cookie Awards bboard.

Experience Points

Once a week, each character earns 1 XP. Additionally, staff can and will award XP for special efforts, like, for example, running an event or a plot. XP can be spent to raise action skills and background skills. Costs can be seen in the table below. Raising skills is done via the command '+xp/raise <skill>' on game. See '+help xp'.

Current level XP to next level
(action skill)
XP to next level
(BG skill)
0 1 1
1 2 1
2 2 1
3 4 2
4 4 2
5 4 2
6 8 4
7 8 4
8 8 4
9 12 6
10 12 6
11 12 6

Languages cost 3 XP per new language learned.


For achieving central goals of a character, certain benefits can be awarded.

Courtesan Characters

When crossing the threshold from novice to adept, and from adept to fully marqued courtesan, the character can advance one of the house traits, as are listed here. The player needs to put in a +request, so that staff can raise the skill or the attribute, or at least set a respective note on the character.


Other characters can define similar goals, for their characters to get ahead in their own or the overall scheme. These would have to be specified in a note. The benefits upon reaching these goals can be fully free form and developed in collaboration with staff, or can come in the form of certain House/Province traits, that are still to be worked out by staff.

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