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Marsilikos - Under the Wings of Angels is a text based game exploring a parallel history in a late medieval/early renaissance setting based on the Kushiel trilogies by Jacqueline Carey. Unlike other games of the theme, play focuses on the Capital of the province of Eisande, the beautiful city of Marsilikos (which corresponds to our RL Marseille). This shifts the point of view to politics of a more local nature, narrowing the majority of noble characters down on families of that area, courtesans of local salons and commoners, of course!

The local salons aiming to provide entertainment to nobility are fewer than the legendary thirteen Houses of Mont Nuit in the City of Elua, each offering a wider variety that combine traits of different canons.

Marsilikos is a port town, and other lands like Caerdicca Unitas, Aragonia and Hellas, for instance, can easily be reached by ship. This brings a modest foreign influx to the city, as well as a potential for sea-related adventures and plots. Meanwhile, the Royal Court is still active in the City of Elua, which will bring emissaries to Marsilikos occasionally, with news from the Capital of Terre d'Ange. News that will even affect Marsilikos.

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment for plot driven RP, encouraging players to develop their own storylines in cooperation with staff.

Plots and scope may grow in the future, depending on the size of player base.

We are in open beta. If you want to try out our game, use the connection data below to log on and create your char bit!

Game Status: Marsilikos MUSH is no longer active, as per December 31st, 2020.
If you are interested in a more general take of the Kushiel theme, you can check out this sandbox game.
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